Using Shotcut to create MP4 from VHS Captures

Introduction In this post we will cover creating an MP4 video using Shotcut from VHS or Hi8 captured tape footage. Shotcut is an opensource, cross-platform video editor. This is assuming you have already captured the VHS footage and are ready to make the captured footage into an MPEG 4 movie. We will cover basic editing, cropping and exporting your VHS or Hi8 footage into MP4 format using Shotcut Create a... read more

Installing Zabbix 5.4 on Ubuntu Server 20.04

Introduction Zabbix is an Open Source monitoring solution similar to Nagios. In this post we will cover basic installation on Ubuntu Server 20.04 LTS. The steps listed here assume you have an Ubuntu Server 20.04 LTS installed and running. Installation First step is to add the Zabbix repository to your server. $ wget... read more

How To Enable Firewall with UFW On Ubuntu Server 20.04 LTS

Introduction Security on servers is a good thing to apply on all your systems. One of the tools at hand is the firewall, with Ubuntu Server the firewall is available but not enabled. In this post, we will enable UFW on Ubuntu Server. Process First, what is UFW? UFW stands for uncomplicated firewall and is easy to use. with a few easy steps we can be up and protected. Before we enable ufw we will want to... read more

How To Enable and Disable Root Account on Ubuntu Server 20.04

Introduction By default Ubuntu Server and Ubuntu in general does not enable the root account. Instead the installation creates a user with sudo privileges.  Most times this is enough but there are occasions in which the root user needs to be enabled. In this post we will cover how to enable and disable the root account. Enable Root Open an SSH session to you Ubuntu Server. The next step is easy, to enable... read more

How To Disable IPV6 on Windows 10 with Powershell

Introduction In today’s post we will look into how to disable IPV6 using Powershell on Windows 10. You ask why would you want to disable IPV6? There could be several reasons like not being used on the network, causing network binding issues or causes intermittent network disconnects (VPN) and other reasons. SO let’s move along and see just how to do this with Powershell. Disable IPV6 We are... read more

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