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How To Encrypt USB Drives on Windows 10 with Veracrypt

Introduction In continuing on with protecting your data and using encryption of USB external drives we will cover another open source program Veracrypt. Install Download Veracrypt 1.24 Update 7 from Click Next Click I accept and click Next Click Next Click Install Click Ok Click Finish. You may get a popup to disable Windows Fast start answer no Installation is... read more

How To Encrypt USB Flash Drives on Windows 10 with DiskCryptor

Introduction With the popularity of USB Flash drives and USB external storage for portability and ease of use there is also to ease to lose them and also lose your files. With the loss there is always the chance that someone will end up with your data. But, if you encrypt your drives it is no so easy to get to your data. In this post we will cover the open sourced program DiskCryptor, to allow you to... read more

How To Use PowerShell to Export Scheduled Tasks

Introduction We all know what a pain it is to have to recreate scheduled tasks on Windows when moving to new systems or restoring crash or corrupted systems. Making a backup of these tasks is always good to do, so why not do this with PowerShell and make things much simpler. The Code The script is fairly simple Define a new-object Connect to the object on the server Get the contents of the tasks folder... read more

Use PowerShell to Get Drive List and Capacity

  Introduction Just a simple post with PowerShell. Had a bunch of Windows servers that needed to get a list of local drives and display the size of the drive and the freespace on the drives in GB. To achieve that decided to use Win32_LogicalDisk call in PowerShell. select a few of the available fields and do a little math. The Code What is Win32_LogicalDisk? The Win32_LogicalDisk WMI class represents... read more

Installing HuffyUV on Windows 10 64 Bit

Introduction this is not a long post but I it hopefully is a helpful post. Huffyuv is a very fast, lossless Win32 video codec. “Lossless” means that the output from the de-compressor is bit-for-bit identical with the original input to the compressor. It is a video codec I use a lot with video restorations using VirtualDub. In this post we will cover installing the 32 and 64 bit versions.... read more

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