Changing Windows Computer Description from a Command Prompt

By default the Windows OS installation doesn’t input a computer description. In most cases this is not an issues but, if you want to add one here’s how to do it. Typically the computer description is changed by using thew GUI in System > Advanced System Settings > Computer Description.

This same task can be completed on the command prompt with the net config command. the syntax is:

net config server /srvcomment:”Input my description”


You can verify the change by typing

You can expand on this further by adding set command to prompt for a value or have it read from a file.

Reading value from a file

Prompting for a Value


One Response to “Changing Windows Computer Description from a Command Prompt”

  1. Adam Mann says:

    Very nice command! Thanks!! I wasn’t aware of that one in the “net” suite of commands but was rather using an overly complex WMI command in PowerShell which required about 5 lines to do the same thing.

    Nice looking blog too!

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