How To Install and Config PowerPath on RHEL


PowerPath is EMC licensed software for managing SAN attached storage on your systems. In this post we will cover how to install, license and scan for newly attached storage.


Download the PowerPath software from EMC powerlink website. If you’ve purchased EMC support, you should have access to powerlink.

For RHEL 4



For RHEL 5 / 6




Start the Power path service

Register EMC Powerpath

Before you can use the EMC powerpath software, you should register it using the EMC Powerpath License key received when you purchased the software from EMC.

Use emcpreg tool to install EMC Powerpath license key as shown below.

Use EMC powermt command to check the registration as shown below.


Scan for storage

In this example we are using an Emulex fiber card and the device is contained in  /sys/class/scsi_host/. To get the fiber card to go out and scan for any added storage. There are several ways to accomplish this task.

My favorite using a for loop.

Next steps are to make PowerPath update the luns. This is done suing the powermt command.


Now display what was found and can proceed to mount and use the storage.


As we can see, by installing and using EMC Powerpath application on RHEL we can effectivly manage SAN attached storage.

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