How To Install GIMP 2.10 on Fedora 27 Using Flatpak


The latest version of GIMP was made available but like many Linux distributions it takes time for the package maintainers to get it package or possibly no package for older releases. In this post we will go over using Flatpak to install GIMP 2.10 on Fedora 27.

Install Flatpak

All the needed dependencies are installed and now we are ready to get GIMP 2.10 installed.

Installation will kickoff, you may get prompted for dependencies, answer yes to any that popup.

From time to time you may want to check for program updates. Flatpak makes this very simple using the flatpak update command. So to apply updates for GIMP, do the following.


And thats all you need. You can start GIMP 2.10 by running

or look in your applications links for a new GIMP.





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  1. barz says:

    I don’t have pressure on my wacom on Flatpak’s gimp

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