How to Remove a TDEV on EMC VMAX


So you are doing some cleanup on your VMAX and need to remove a few TDEV volume’s in a Storage Pool and want to free this space to create a new volume or expand an existing volume.

In this post we will detail how to delete a single TDEV volume in a Storage Group. An example of such a configuration is in the case where a single TDEV was mapped and used as a dedicated server volume with no other volumes being present in the Storage Group. Scenario: It this case we are decommissioning a Server and we are reclaiming the space used in the Storage Pool.

Steps to Accomplish:

  • Delete the SERVER Masking View
  • Remove SERVER  volume (TDEV) from Storage group
  • Delete the SERVER  Storage Group
  • Disable read / write on the TDEV
  • Unmap the TDEV from the FA ports
  • Unbind TDEV from Pool
  • META Volume Dissolve
  • Delete the Device

In order to view the list of all TDEV’s created in the Pool (SERVER pool):

List all TDEVs in the system

Delete the SERVER Masking View

List the all the views:

Remove the SERVER_MV Masking View:

Remove SERVER  volume (TDEV) from Storage group

View the details of the storage group SERVER_SG in order to gather the correct dev ID (for example 1234):

Remove the dev 0234 from the Storage Group:

Delete the SERVER  Storage Group

Disable read / write on the TDEV

If you require to change the status of all the devices in a SG:

Unmap the TDEV from FA ports

If you require to Unmap a range of devs:

Unbind TDEV from Pool

Check if the Unbind was successful:

Once the TDEV is unbound all pointers to the data pool are removed and those tracks that were consumed by the TDEV are marked as available space in the SERVER Pool.
If you require to Unbind a range of devs:

Dissolve Meta Volume

Delete the Device

If you require to Delete a range of devs:

Comfirm Delete was successful:

that is all there is to it. The space has been reclaimed and can be re-allocated.

2 Responses to “How to Remove a TDEV on EMC VMAX”

  1. max the vmax says:

    Would you update it for VMAX3

  2. Farauque Ahmed says:

    Hello, the information was really helpful. Do you have steps to Decommission Servers from VMAX. Looking for the correct steps to do this in SymCLI.

    Thank you

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