How To Remove Windows 10 Pre-Installed Apps


You just installed Windows 10 and have been getting the feel of Microsoft’s latest version and notice there is alot of extra stuff installed. Windows 10 comes with a bunch of pre-installed apps. Fortunately, you can use PowerShell to remove any app you don’t like. You will need Administrator privileges to remove them from your system.

Step 1 – Open a PowerShell Session

Open PowerShell session and to find what apps are installed, run this:

Get-AppxPackage -User $env:USERNAME

The list  will scroll on by very quickly. So to control,what you are looking for use the find command like so:

Get-AppxPackage -User $env:USERNAME | find `"PackageFullName'"

This will give you the PackageFullName for each installed application. If you want to read more detail then just run with the more command and press spacebar to read page by page.

Get-AppxPackage -User $env:USERNAME | more

Step 2 – Delete an App

Now lets  remove apps or an app, To do this we need to use PackageFullName, and submit it to Remove-AppxPackage. Back up your system before you make changes, and do this on your own risk. Most apps are not vital.

Remove-AppxPackage Microsoft.BingWeather_4.5.168.0_x86__8wekyb3d8bbwe


Very simply we have just removed one of many applications installed by Windows 10 on a fresh installation. At this point you can remove more by following the steps defined above. Hope this helps in trimming away the fat on your Windows 10 installation.

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