Installing Microsoft PowerShell Core 6.x on Fedora 28

In an earlier post we covered the release and install of PowerShell Core 6 on Linux and OS X. In this post we will install PowerShell Core 6.1 preview 2 on Fedora 28.

Download the rhel7 RPM for PowerShell Core 6.1 preview 2 from  Once downloaded the installation is a standard rpm install using dnf.

At this point PowerShell is installed and can be invoked using pwsh command, but there is an error that needs to be addressed and changes the way you invoke PowerShell.

After installing powershell-6.1.0-preview.2 and trying to start PowerShell received the following error.

The error is caused by xterm and currently your only workaround is invoke PowerShell as such.

Here’s what we get

That pretty much all there is to installing PowerShell Core 6 on Fedora 28.

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