How to Install Ardour 3.2 on Fedora 18

Ardour 3 is the latest version available for the premier DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) for Linux. Unfortunately due to Ardour recently changing to a payment oriented package distribution the Fedora repositories are at release 2.8.6. This is for the built packages, you can build it yourself, which is what we are going to do. There are a few dependencies we need to install as well as a realtime kernel.... read more

Data Crow for Collection Cataloging

Recently I took on the task to catalog my video and music collection. This need was driven by the fact that I was purchasing duplicate movies. The criteria was simple. It had to be able to use a barcode scanner, handle movie and audio collections, more if possible and have connections to access IMDB, Amazon and others if possible and able to run on different OS’s. And lastly the cost had to be... read more

Adding Multimedia support on CentOS 5.5

Recently I have been building a new Home server as a Home Digital Server. In the process of using CentOS 5.5 as the Linux distro I ran into the need to Multimedia support. Here is how I accomplished the task. Add the rpmforge repos if not already installed. Type the following commands in the console/terminal For 32-bit installations (i.e. CentOS 5.x 32-bit installed), enter the following into your... read more

Installing Win32 Codecs on Linux

The following is an example way to install the “all” pack as root and will work on Ubuntu and Fedora. cd /tmp wget tar -jxvf all-20100303.tar.bz2 su -c 'mkdir -p /usr/local/lib/codecs' su -c 'cp all-20100303/* /usr/local/lib/codecs' rm -rf... read more

Sony NetMD on Ubuntu

Recently I ran across an issue with reusing a Sony Minidisc that I have had for years and have always maintained on Windows due to the proprietary software. Being said it was never something I was able to get to work correctly until recently when I stumbled upon the Linux Minidisc Project at The project was started to get as much information on... read more

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