Configuring Remote Access to Fedora 21

In this post we will cover how to configure SSH access and GUI access to your Fedora 21 system. On Fedora 21 system this is easy with sshd and tightvnc. SSH SSH is the way most of Linux administrators access their systems. It is the easiest and one of the most secure ways to access. All you have to do to setup a system for ssh access is to enable and start SSHD. First enable the sshd service $ sudo... read more

How To Create Business Cards and Labels Using gLabels

So you have a business or you have a need to print labels and you are running Linux. Windows users have many options and so do Linux users, one being gLabels that is a GNOME based application and is included in almost every distribution out there. As a hassle free label creator, gLabels offers various predefined templates for labels and business cards, and works with peel-off labels and business card... read more

How To Create an Auto-start file aka: rc.local for Fedora 21

As with many things there always is a script, service restart or something that needs to be run to resolve and issue or to add a feature. You could create and init.d script or systemd script to address this, but you can also create a bash script called rc.local and use it for your purposes. One of the nice things is this can be used to run multiple commands in one file that are applied system wide. For... read more

How To Install LibreOffice 5 on Fedora 21

So the latest LibreOffice is out and you want to know how to get it installed on Fedora 21 and it is not available from RedHat. No problem! In this post we will cover how to get and install LibreOffice 5 on Fedora 21. First we need to download the latest RPM tarball from LibreOffice testing. I am also giving the link to stable Install is the same. Open a terminal and use wget to download it.  Note: the... read more

How To Install VirtualBox 5 on Fedora 21

The latest VirtualBox has been released and available for use! Now it is time to get VirtualBox 5.0 installed on Fedora 21. In this post we will cover installing dependencies needed on Fedora, creating a VirtualBox repository and installing VirtualBox 5. Preparation First there are several packages that need to be installed on Fedora 21. You will need dkms, kernel-headers, kernel-devel, gcc.  When you... read more

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