How To Transfer Files to Your iPad on MacOS Catalina

Introduction Recently I refresh my reliable MacBook Pro mid 2010 with a new MacBook Pro and sides having to get adapters and cables to use USB-C for iPod, iPad and iPhone syncing found I needed a new way to transfer files to my iPad. In this case pdf files. Connecting The iPad So first let’s connect the iPad to the MacBook. We can do this two ways, either through a USB connection or using WiFi... read more

How To Export VMX to OVA in VMware Fusion 11

Introduction While migrating to a new iMac ran into an issue involving a VM being corrupted after migrating to the new iMac, luckily the old iMac was still available to access the VM. When digging into the VMware Fusion interface did not see a GUI entry for exporting a VMX to OVA, only import feature. With a bit of digging found that the ovftool is installed and you can use the CLI method to export to OVA... read more