Managing Your Collections with DataCrow Server

Introduction Let’s face it, we collect things, many different things. One issue we have is keeping track of them, but with technology and many computers we have options at our disposal. One of many programs is DataCrow. I have written about this program years back and feel it needs revisited with improvements. DataCrow can be run in several different ways, portable, standalone and also as a client /... read more

How To Install GUI on Windows Server 2016 TP 2

By default there is no GUI installed with server 2016 Technical Preview 2. If you have only installed the Core you will be at a command prompt after logging in. With many programs there will be a need for the GUI to be installed. One other option at installation is to select the with local admin tools at installation. This will only add ServerManager which will load at login, thankfully you can add the... read more