How To Create Business Cards and Labels Using gLabels

So you have a business or you have a need to print labels and you are running Linux. Windows users have many options and so do Linux users, one being gLabels that is a GNOME based application and is included in almost every distribution out there. As a hassle free label creator, gLabels offers various predefined templates for labels and business cards, and works with peel-off labels and business card... read more

Removing Ubuntu and Installing Windows 10 on Dell Inspiron 15 3551

Found a great deal on a Dell Inspiron 15 3551 and forgot to look at the OS installed on it. After turning on and seeing and Ubuntu sticker on it I knew. For me not an issue, but for the customer this was purchased for this was an issue, as they wanted Windows 10. No problem we’ll just remove Ubuntu and install Windows which generally is not an issue. Well I should have not said a word as there was a... read more

How To Install Google Chrome on Ubuntu 13.10

Google Chrome is not in any of the Ubuntu repositories, but luckily it is not too hard to install it on Ubuntu. First we will need to download the latest stable versions. Download 32 bit version using command line $ wget Download 64 bit version using command line $ wget... read more

How To Play Blu-ray on Ubuntu 13.10

Well I finally took the plunge and purchased a Blu-ray burner / Reader to my UbuntuStudio 13.10 system. Question was how can I play a few of the Blu-ray’s I own on the system. Well the answer is VLC and the aacs config files. In this post we will cover just how to accomplish this task. First install VLC $ sudo apt-get install vlc Next let’s install libbluray-bdj and libaacs0 $ sudo apt-get... read more

How To Install Epson PC-Fax Linux Driver for WF-2540

Funny how it is with an system administrator at home. Gets a new toy and has to find out how to make all the features work. one feature that really gets missed is the fax feature of the all-in-one printers, I know it is one that I will miss from time to time. My latest toy is a Epson WF-2540 which I have had for sometime, but never have configured the fax portion until recently when it was discovered that... read more

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