How To Install VirtualBox 5 on Fedora 21

The latest VirtualBox has been released and available for use! Now it is time to get VirtualBox 5.0 installed on Fedora 21. In this post we will cover installing dependencies needed on Fedora, creating a VirtualBox repository and installing VirtualBox 5. Preparation First there are several packages that need to be installed on Fedora 21. You will need dkms, kernel-headers, kernel-devel, gcc.  When you... read more

How to Fix General Protection Fault in module WIN87EM.DLL while running Windows 7 in VMWare

Recently ran into an issue with a Windows 7 32-bit VM running in VMware Fusion on Mac OSX 10.9 (Mavericks) when running a Point of Sale application would receive a Application has caused a general protection fault in module WIN87EM.DLL. Starting doing some digging and found this thread discussing the issue at... read more

Optimal Network Adaptor Settings for VMXNET3 and Windows 2008 R2

There is an ongoing debate between many admins on what are the best settings for the VMXNET3 driver on Windows 2008 R2 settings and I suppose there will be many more. In this postI will attempt to point out some of the options and recommended settings for the VMXNET3 adaptor.  Global Settings Receive Side Scaling (RSS) Receive-Side Scaling (RSS) resolves the single-processor bottleneck by allowing the... read more

How to Install VMWare Workstation 8.0.4 on Fedora 17

Recently ran into an issue were I was receiving VMWare module compilation errors when installing VMWare Workstation 8.0.4. The error I was receiving was it couldn’t execute and find the kernel-headers which were installed but not where VMWare was looking for them. Download and install latest licensed version 8.0.4 from $ chmod +x... read more

How To Set Your VirtualBox 4.2 VM to Automatically Startup

Being system administrators and tweakers we always like to make things automatically take care of themselves, right? Well of course we do and that’s where any auto starts we find are likely to get put in place. A new feature added in VirtualBox 4.2 is autostart, this feature is available in Linux, Solaris and MacOSX hosts only. Let’s say there is a VirtualBox VM you start everytime  you... read more

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