How to create a StartMenu link on the Desktop with PowerShell

Introduction With the interface changes to Windows 8 and above we see the ease of adding shortcuts by dragging or right clicking on the StartMenu links and sending to the desktop diminished,  but with PowerShell we can easily automate creating links to folders and applications. In this post we will see just how easy it is to create these  links. Code The code is simple, we will need to create a... read more

How To Use PowerShell to Retrieve User Account MemberShip data and Export to CSV

Introduction Recently had a request to retrieve specific information out of Active Directory and save the results to a CSV file for our auditors. The data to retrieve for the user is Name,Enabled,Created and MemberOf. The catch was to remove the CN and OU from the memberof output from PowerShell. In this post we will cover just how to accomplish that. Process The goal was to use PowerShell to retrieve the... read more

How To Retrieve the Last Login Time For a User on Windows Using Net User

Introduction There are many times as an administrator that we dread looking through the Event Logs for the last time a user logged into a system. Command line is always a great alternative. Using the net user command we can do just that. Process The syntax of the command is given below. Do not forget the double quotes around Last logon. net user username | findstr /B /C:"Last logon" 1 net user username |... read more

How To Display Windows Shares Using PowerShell and WMI

Introduction By using PowerShell to call WMI we can gather information on the share on a system or on  a remote system. In this post we will cover how retrieve basic nd some detailed information using PowerShell and WMI. With Windows 8.1 ans Server 2012 R2 there have been added cmdlets called Get-SmbShare which will be covered in future posts. The Commands So let’s get started on getting some... read more

How To Mount and Access NFS Exports on Windows Server 2012 R2

Introduction Let’s face it, we support mixed environments and sometimes we need to access information on Linux systems on our Windows systems. With that said say you have a Windows server that needs to get to NFS exports on a Linux systems. Well that is completely doable on Windows Server 2012 R2 using Client for NFS. Note: You can also mount NFS if you are running Windows 7 Enterprise or Ultimate... read more

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