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How To Uninstall Programs Using PowerShell

PowerShell is just one of those tools for Windows that continues to get better and better in uses you find on a day to day basis. One such tedious task is uninstalling programs. Wouldn’t it be awesome to create a script to automate this for many or even one system? In this post we will cover how to get a list of installed programs and how to remove one at a time or many at once. Using PowerShell to... read more

How To Retrieve Windows AD Group Members using PowerShell

Introduction As part of daily administration we are constantly being asked by Auditors and managers for a list of the individuals in groups. In the past and current we can still use the venerable net commands to get the access. With PowerShell we can it quickly and in a format easier than before. In this post we will over how to get the information and export it into other formats. To use the... read more

Displaying Logical Drives with PowerShell

PowerShell is a powerful scripting language and can do many things. One task that can be used over and over is to get the logical drives off a system. One you have this information you can then perform tasks like searching for files, directories, reporting usage etc.. In this post I will be simply showing how to create a variable and retrieve the data for the logical drives using WMI object... read more

How to Backup System State with PowerShell

As tweaker’s there is always changes needed to the system to make it run to our liking and there is always the risk that those changes will break and possible have major repercussions. That’s where restore points come into play. With PowerShell there is a way to use system restore points to backup and restore if an issue does arise. This process assumes that system restore points are enabled... read more

Microsoft Script Explorer for Windows PowerShell

While digging around on the Internet for some PowerShell code I came across a new tool from Microsoft called Microsoft Script Explorer for Windows PowerShell (pre-release). Microsoft Script Explorer for Windows PowerShell (pre-release) helps scripters find Windows PowerShell scripts, snippets, modules, and how-to guidance in online repositories such as the TechNet Script Center Repository, PoshCode, local... read more

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