Using EMC OpenReplicator for Array based migration from VMAX to XtremIO

Introduction As a Storage Administrator we are always involved in storage migrations to new hardware. They are time consuming and depending on the migration type can be difficult. EMC offers several licensed tools that can help alleviate and automate part of this process. One such tool is OpenReplicator, which we cover how to use this array based migration tool while migrating from a VMAX 40k to XtremIO... read more

How to Change FA Ports on an Existing VMAX PortGroup

Introduction You have a situation on your VMAX where the port utilization is up and you would like to move the FA ports assigned to a PortGroup moved to a lesser utilized set on you switch. In this post we will cover how to move to a new port group and fix the mapping of all attached devices on your EMC VMAX. We will cover unmapping ports and fixing zoning. Process First part of the puzzle to create new... read more

How to List the TDEV Members of a META on VMAX

Introduction So you have created a META and have come to a point where you need to know what TDEV are a member. Either need it for reclaiming of space or any other option.In this post we will explore several commands to get the information you are looking for. Get META Members from a META First list all the meta’s that are in use on the VMAX and look for the device you are interested in getting data... read more

How To Use Consistent_Lun setting on VMAX Initiator Groups

Introduction Using the consistent_lun setting we eliminate the issue where different devices show different lun id’s. This is more prevalent with ESX Hosts. For this to work the flag must be set at creation time of the host and parent initiator groups.  In this post we will cover how to complete the task. Step 1 – Create Host Initiator Groups The first step is to create the host initiator... read more

How To Remove a Device Tag on a Recoverpoint TDEV

Learned a new tidbit today on removing device tags on EMC VMAX and RecoverPoint. Before you can reclaim a TDEV you must first remove the Device Tag. Overview In this post we will cover how to remove the device tag, disable write access, un-map, un-bind the device and dissolve the meta on EMC VMAX that is using Recoverpoint   Remove the Device Tag First get the tag information: $ symdev -sid... read more