Removing Ubuntu and Installing Windows 10 on Dell Inspiron 15 3551

Found a great deal on a Dell Inspiron 15 3551 and forgot to look at the OS installed on it. After turning on and seeing and Ubuntu sticker on it I knew. For me not an issue, but for the customer this was purchased for this was an issue, as they wanted Windows 10. No problem we’ll just remove Ubuntu and install Windows which generally is not an issue. Well I should have not said a word as there was a... read more

How To Create a Bootable Disk to Update BIOS and Firmware Using Dell Repository Manager

Recently came upon an issue during upgrading ESXi that required updated firmware and bios on Dell hardware. This posed a problem as ESXi was set to boot fron USB and there was no operating system installed locally. This only left a few options to how to update the systems. Use Dell Systems Management Tools and Documentation disk and SUU (Systems Update Utility) and select the update firmware option. Use... read more

How To Update Dell Firmware on Fedora 20

After a recent build on a Dell Laptop to Fedora 20 I found the need to update the BIOS on the laptop. With Windows this is a simple solution of downloading and installing. With Linux it is a bit more to do. First we must install firmware-addon-dell. $ sudo yum -y install firmware-addon-dell Next we need to get the SystemID for the system to be able to download the correct update. $ sudo... read more

How To Retrieve System Information using dmidecode on Linux

You it is nice to be able to find out details about your system and Windows users have the nice GUI programs supplied by many of the manufacturers that allow them point and click access. Well, with Linux the manufacturers tend to not to supply those applications, except in the server realm. Not to worry as that is where dmidecode comes to the rescue. dmidecode is a tool for dumping a computer’s DMI... read more

How to Restore Dell XPS 420 and Dell XPS 1530 to Factory

Recently ran in an issue where spyware and viruses was all a system could take and it was time to restore the system back to factory and start again. This post describes how to restore back to the Dell factory image on Dell XPS 420 (desktop) and Dell XPS 1530 (laptop) but will work on other models as well. Back in the days the manufacturer would send the restore DVD’s but then stopped and started... read more

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