Creating and Managing Scheduled Tasks from the Command Line in Windows

Introduction Scheduled tasks are a wonderful tool to use in Windows to perform repetitious tasks on the server and your system. This can be updating, backups, cleanups and many other tasks. There are many different ways using command line and the GUI to accomplish adding, changing and deleting tasks. In this post we will cover using the command line to manage and maintain scheduled tasks. Scheduled tasks... read more

Reserved Ports on Windows 2008 R2

Sometimes you will run into an issue where an application requires a specific port(s) and another app or service will grab them and cause that app or service to fail.  In Windows 200 and 2003 you could resolve this issue by adding a Multi string registry entry in HKLM\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\services\tcpip\Parameters called ReservedPorts and add in the exceptions and reboot and all was well. This is no... read more