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How To Get Broadcom 4312 Wireless working on Fedora 23

Introduction Recently had the opportunity to Install Fedora 23 on a Dell Inspiron 1545. Installation went smooth for all except the wireless card was not detected. Doing a bit of digging was able to determine it was a Broadcon 4312 Wireless card. Process Here is how you can get the Broadcom BCM4312 to work. First you will need to install rpmfusion non-free repository as Fedora does not include the needed... read more

How To Create Ftp Yum Repository On Fedora

Introduction There comes a time when you cannot connect to the internet to your favorite repository for installation of packages. Thankfully we can create our own YUM repositories to have them available locally on our networks. YUM stands for  Yellow Dog Modifier and is the Red Hat package manager that is able to query for information about available packages, fetch packages from repositories, install and... read more

Upgrading From Fedora 21 to Fedora 23 with fedup

Introduction The warnings have been appearing, Fedora 21 is loosing support on December 1, 2015 due to the recent release of Fedora 23. So now is the time to upgrade. Well fear not the upgrade is simple with the application fedup.  We just need a good Internet connection and a bit of patience. So let’s get started. Preparing for the Upgrade So we are now ready to start the process. On your Fedora 21... read more

How to Install and Use HandBrake on Fedora 21 / 22

Introduction The situation is you have a great DVD and you want to view this on your Fedora installation but not by playing the the DVD, but to have it on the drive so you can play it when you are traveling or really do not want to carry the DVD with you. This is assuming this is your personally owned DVD. Well no fear HandBrake is here to the rescue. HandBrake is easy to use, it’s available for Windows,... read more

How To Install Additional Desktop Managers on Fedora 21

So you have Fedora 21 / 22 Workstation running and you would like to see what other Desktop Managers are available besides GNOME 3 and KDE but do not know how to go about getting them installed. Well, no problem as with Linux there are many choices and such is the case with Fedora. But what is there and what are my choices? First, decide which graphical desktop you want to use. You can get the available... read more

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