Disable Guest Logins for Alfresco 3.4 Community Edition

Recently after installing Alfresco Community Edition 3.4.d found that guests could login by default to the site. Since the site was put up for documentation with restricted access, this was an issue, but only for a short time. Edit the <installation_directory>/tomcat/shared/classes/ file and add the line alfresco.authentication.allowGuestLogin=false and save the file.... read more

Installing Alfresco Community Edition 3.4.d on CentOS 5.7

Recently I was given the privilege of presenting to Northern Kentucky Linux Users Group on installing Alfresco Community Edition 3.4.d on CentOS 5.7. I have attached the presentation to the post and it can be downloaded from alfresco_presentation. The presentation was created with LibreOffice 3.4 Impress. read more

Alfresco 4.0a Community Edition Released

Exciting today for Alfresco Users. On 9/30/11 Alfresco 4.0a Community Edition was released. Alfresco is the OpenSource answer to Microsoft’s SharePoint. The community version is free as well as a pay for Enterprise Edition. Look for future posts on installing Alfresco on Windows and Linux systems and configuring and using as well. Very exciting times!!! read more

Alfresco Install on Windows

Been a few days since my initial boring post but I promise this to be a bit better. As part of my day to day responsibilities I am a SharePoint 2007 / 2010 administrator, but the Linux portion of me is looking for an Opensource alternative and I have found it with Alfresco . Look in the coming days for more information on how to install and configure this awesome piece of software. read more