Logging Windows Events using eventcreate.exe

With using batch files and other scripting tools it allows us to automate, one thing we lose with the autromation is the ability to have an event recorded when it fails. Eventcreate.exe enables an administrator to create a custom event in a specified event log. One use would be with a command script that deletes old logfiles. The beginning before the execution of cleanup we would write to the application... read more

Changing Windows 2003/2008 Eventlog Size

With the daily routine as a Systems Administrator for Windows and Linux systems we periodically are looking for ways to reduce disk space usage. One of the ways for Windows servers is to reduce the amount of space used by the eventlogs which can eat up alot of space. The value I am using in this example isĀ 1024 kb, you can use any value you would like by changing the value to your liking. The method I am... read more

Quick and Easy Backup Batch File Windows

Backups are an evil necessity and as with most geek admins we tend to forget to do it. We think of grand schemes and how we can do it better. Well I am still thinking of those grad schemes but in the meantime I use a simple command file to backup file off one drive to another that will only copy newer files. What is so nice with this is I don’t have to have a backup program to retrieve the data, but... read more

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