How To Convert VDI to VMDK

Introduction So you have create a VM using VirtualBox and need to have a way to add it to you VMware farm or ESXi system, but the VirtualBox VM is in VDI format. No worries, using tools in VirtualBox we can convert the VM to a VMDK. The Process First step is to remove the VirtualBox guest additions if they are installed on your VM. If this is a Windows system use Programs and Features and uninstall them.... read more

How To Use Consistent_Lun setting on VMAX Initiator Groups

Introduction Using the consistent_lun setting we eliminate the issue where different devices show different lun id’s. This is more prevalent with ESX Hosts. For this to work the flag must be set at creation time of the host and parent initiator groups. ┬áIn this post we will cover how to complete the task. Step 1 – Create Host Initiator Groups The first step is to create the host initiator... read more