How to Shuffle on iTunes 12.2

With the recent upgrades to iTunes 12.2 the shuffle feature we used to know and love is gone. With a bit of digging found several ways to get this to work. In Songs Mode. Choose “Songs” not “Artists”, “Albums”, etc. Pick a song and start playing. Hit the title of the song near the bottom. In the new screen, hit the Shuffle button. In Playlist Mode. Create a Playlist of... read more

How To Enable AAC Encoder on Ubuntu and Fedora using NeroAAC

So you have a wav file that you want to convert on Linux to MP4 format (aka AAC) and want to know how to get the encoder installed so you can use your conversion program to complete the conversion. Well, thanks to Nero this is a possible task due to their generosity of the NeroAAC Encoder. the process we are going to use is the same for Ubuntu and Fedora. Also, we will need to install gpac: MPEG-4... read more

How To Import your iTunes Library to Your Android Device Using Winamp

There are just times when you just scratch your head and wonder why everyone can’t play fair. Well that thought occurred recently when I want to make my iTunes library available to my Android device, in this case my Transformer TF101 tablet. With a bit of searching I found that Winamp has the ability to import my iTunes library and an Android app was available for my tablet. Winamp has been around... read more

Moving iTunes to Another Computer Windows 7

Recently I had to move my iPod touch to a new computer. In the past a move like this will cause iTunes to delete all the music at the first sync to the new PC, this is due to DRM. So I did a bit of digging around and found a way to move the settings and files without loosing my songs. You cannot use this to transfer your songs to someone else’s computer, this is just to move your stuff to your... read more