Installing Nagios Part 2 – The Agents

In following with a previous post on installing Nagios we are ready to move to installing the agents. In particular Linux, Solaris 10 and Windows agents to allow Nagios to do what it does best and monitor. Linux For my installation I am using CentOS 6.2 for which the EPEL repository has all the packages I need for NRPE and Nagios Plugins. # yum search nagios nagios.x86_64 : Nagios monitors hosts and... read more

Multiple Nagios Instances on a Single Server

In this post I will cover how to run Multiple Nagios Instances on a Single Server. This will take a single installation of Nagios and allow you to run separate instances as you would to separate out different environments, such as production, development, certification, etc…. It allows for flexibility of configurations and allows Nagios to run faster for checks and execution. This installation... read more

Installing Nagios Part 1

For the next series we will be discussing installing and configuring Nagios for monitoring. The series will include installing Nagios, plugins, agents and various custom monitors. Also, adding other features including graphing and performance charting. Nagios is a powerful monitoring tools used by many IT departments and has the support of the Open Source community. So let’s get started! Our choice for OS... read more