Using the Raspberry Pi as a NAS

Here we have another great use for the Raspberry Pi as a NAS server for your LAN. In this post we’ll be using a Thermaltake BlacX USB SATA attached to the Pi with a 1 TB drive with ntfs shared to the Windows and MAC systems for access. Install ntfs support $ sudo apt-get install ntfs-3g Create the mount directory and mount it $ sudo mkdir /media/ext Mount as ntfs as user id pi $sudo mount -t auto... read more

Mounting a NAS read / write on Fedora 12 +

Recently upgraded my NAS and had an issue where I could mount the device on Fedora but would only in Read Only mode.  For my purpose I was mounting with a script to my home directory but wanted to add it to a directory called share on my root in read / write mode by adding it to /etc/fstab after figuring out why I could not write to the directory. Part of the solution is to add UID and GID of my id,... read more