How To View Listening UDP Ports on Windows

Introduction From time to time we need to view “UDP” ports that are in a listening state on Windows. In this short post we will see how to do this with the netstat command. Process The process to view the UDP ports in listening state is simple. Open a command prompt and type, netstat -an | find “UDP” | more: C:\>netstat -an | find “UDP” | more UDP *:* UDP... read more

Find a process using a port on Windows

Often there are times that you have a port in use and you find that a process is using the port you need to free up or there is a port and you just need to find out who owns it. With Windows it is as easy as using netstat and tasklist commands. Open a command prompt window and type: netstat -a -n -o The -a parameter displays all connections and listening ports, the -n parameter displays the addresses and... read more