Upgrading Windows 2008 R2 using DISM

Sometimes in the Enterprise environment there is a need to upgrade the version of Windows Server. With Windows 2008 R2 this is an easy task with DISM command and a KMS server. You can also use the command if you have a MAK key as well. Using DISM you can upgrade and every role, feature, app on your server will remain after the upgrade. A few caveats: You can only do upgrades. You CANNOT downgrade The... read more

Port Capture on Windows 2003 Using PortReporter

Have you ever wanted to capture ports in use on Windows 2003 server with a simple output? Usually you would want such information for migrations of servers and applications to new hosts from servers that have never been documented or have been long forgotten. One such tool is PortReporter and PortParser. There are other tools available to complete this task but in this post I am only covering PortReporter... read more