Configuring Remote Access to Fedora 21

In this post we will cover how to configure SSH access and GUI access to your Fedora 21 system. On Fedora 21 system this is easy with sshd and tightvnc. SSH SSH is the way most of Linux administrators access their systems. It is the easiest and one of the most secure ways to access. All you have to do to setup a system for ssh access is to enable and start SSHD. First enable the sshd service $ sudo... read more

Copying Files to Multiple Systems Simultaneously

Have you ever wonder a simple way to copy files and run commands on multiple machines from one command? Well there are several tools available that will allow us to do just that. I will discuss just pssh (Parallel SSH). pssh (Parallel SSH) pssh (Parallel SSH) is a command line tool that includes pscp and allows you to send commands and copy files to multiple server via a list or individually. Makes it... read more