How to List the TDEV Members of a META on VMAX

Introduction So you have created a META and have come to a point where you need to know what TDEV are a member. Either need it for reclaiming of space or any other option.In this post we will explore several commands to get the information you are looking for. Get META Members from a┬áMETA First list all the meta’s that are in use on the VMAX and look for the device you are interested in getting data... read more

How to Remove a TDEV on EMC VMAX

Introduction So you are doing some cleanup on your VMAX and need to remove a few TDEV volume’s in a Storage Pool and want to free this space to create a new volume or expand an existing volume. In this post we will detail how to delete a single TDEV volume in a Storage Group. An example of such a configuration is in the case where a single TDEV was mapped and used as a dedicated server┬ávolume with... read more