How to Fix General Protection Fault in module WIN87EM.DLL while running Windows 7 in VMWare

Recently ran into an issue with a Windows 7 32-bit VM running in VMware Fusion on Mac OSX 10.9 (Mavericks) when running a Point of Sale application would receive a Application has caused a general protection fault in module WIN87EM.DLL. Starting doing some digging and found this thread discussing the issue at... read more

How to Windows P2V Using VMware vCenter Converter for Virtualbox

Download and install VMware vCenter Converter for Windows and install it on the physical Windows XP or higher machine to be converted. Run the VMware Converter on the physical host. It will take sometime to run and possibly may create multiple vmdk files. Transfer the converted virtual machine files to the destination host from the external drive. The Windows   7 physical machine is no longer needed. The... read more

How To Allow Multiple Users to use Shared VirtualBox VM on Windows 7

You know how it is, there is one system or even a server that is shared by multiple users and you have a VM running in VirtualBox that it would be nice if you were able to allow others to use it. Well this is possible on Windows and will be described in a manner that will work on Windows 7 and Windows 2008R2. First we will need to create a group called VBOXUSERS and then add the users to have access to... read more

How To Install Fedora 20 in Oracle Virtualbox

Fedora 20 (Heisenberg) has been released! Many new features and improvements which are listed here. Since I am an avid RedHat / Fedora user I just have to try out the latest release and what better way than with Oracle Virtualbox! SO let’s get started installing. Open Oracle Virtualbox and click New and give it a name select Linux for type and Fedora (x64) for version, click Next Set the memory size... read more

Using the New VirtualBox 4.3 Video Capture Feature

With the release of VirtualBox 4.3 a new Video capture feature was added that will allows you to save high quality videos of the guest OS easily through the VirtualBox Manager GUI. A wonderful addition to allow creation for training, blog posts and much more! To start video capture just click on Devices >Video Capture and to stop the capture click on Devices >Video Capture. But before we start the... read more

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