How To Display Windows Shares Using PowerShell and WMI

Introduction By using PowerShell to call WMI we can gather information on the share on a system or on  a remote system. In this post we will cover how retrieve basic nd some detailed information using PowerShell and WMI. With Windows 8.1 ans Server 2012 R2 there have been added cmdlets called Get-SmbShare which will be covered in future posts. The Commands So let’s get started on getting some... read more

SQL Server Configuration Manager unable to connect error

While running SQL Server Configuration Manager on a Windows 2008 server I received an unable to connect error.  The issue was an WMI corruption  in the sqlmgmproviderxpsp2up.mof. The issue was resolved by the following steps. In the start menu type “cmd” (without quotes) and on the top search result, right click the program icon and choose Run as administrator Type “net stop... read more