How To Install Kdenlive 16.12 on Windows

Due to the Google Summer of Code slot last summer, work on a Windows port of Kdenlive was done. The much expected first version of Kdenlive for Windows is available. This is a first testing version, zipped in a folder that does not require an install. I am always excited when tools I use on Linux are available on Windows, makes it easier to decide on cross platform tools to use.

Installation is very easy since it is a self contained zip file and only requires a download of FFmpeg from So lets get started.

First download kdenlive-windows from Extract the zip file to a location you want to run it from on your Windows system.

Next download FFmpeg shared 64 bit build from and unzip the contents.

Copy the content of the FFmpeg “bin” subfolder (.dll and .exe files) inside kdenlive-windows folder.
Copy the FFmpeg “presets” subfolder inside kdenlive-windows folder

Finally, Start Kdenlive from kdenlive.exe in kdenlive-windows folder. It will complain that a few things are missing, like dvdauthor and vlc but will run just fine.

Now you are presented with the Kdenlive interface and can start creating movies.


For a few of the errors on first startup of Kdenlive there are a few downloads.

The dvdauthor windows executable can be downloaded from Extract the file and copy dvdauthor.exe to kdenlive-windows directory.

For mkisofs you can download and install CDRTools for Windows from

Installation installs to C:\Program Files (x86)\cdrtools. copy the contents to kdenlive-windows directory.

3 Responses to “How To Install Kdenlive 16.12 on Windows”

  1. DuckDaffy says:

    Hi, thx for introducing! 🙂
    Do you know how to use GPU for video work please?
    And for rendering?
    I can’t found Movit library for Windows as is mentioned in settings.
    On i5-6300U CPU and 1080p25 video with only titles it is unusable to work with.

    • newlife007 says:

      I see the Movit filters in the kdenlive-windows\data\effects directory but in Kdenlive the GPU effects are not there. From what I have read MLT has to be compiled with –enable-opengl –enable-gpl and I am not sure if this version. This is the first releas of Kdenlive on Windows and details on it are a bit hard to find. Update! I did find the GPU Acceleration is currently in experimental phase, even on Linux so looks like it may have to wait.

      • DuckDaffy says:

        Thx a lot for quick reply! 🙂
        First video project successfully finished. 😉
        Looking forward for tuned updates.

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