Using Dell racadm on RedHat / CentOS

Recently have had the pleasure of using part of the the Dell Server Administrator tools to manage their hardware on RHEL 5 and 6 servers. The servers had been built and shipped out but the DRAC’s were un-configured. With RACADM command this is not an issue and can be done with command line tools and the use of configuration files. This is assuming the Server Admin tools have been installed on the... read more

Using Dell SUU on RHEL 64 Bit

Part of many systems admins jobs is to update firmware and drivers on the servers. This is needed to keep systems stable and avoid nasty crashes and OS incompatibilities. The best time is when you build the system and also when you can get the time when you can take the system offline to give it much needed patches. Dell provides a downloadable DVD ISO for their Server Update Utility (SUU), which runs on... read more

Enable Virtualization on Dell Optiplex 755 to run Oracle VirtualBox 4

Recently I ran into an issue when working on creating a test cluster environment for Windows 2008 R2 with Oracle VirtualBox running on Fedora 16 64 bit on a Dell Optiplex 755. The issue was VirtualBox would complain about VT-x/AMD-V not being enabled and would stop the VM from loading. After doing some digging around found that there is a specific setting in the BIOS to enable what is needed to enable the... read more

Clearing Dell Logs

Ran into a reoccurring issue with Dell servers showing amber lights on the systems. When using Dell Server Administrator to research the errors it was found the Hardware logs were full. The only way we know how to get rid of the alert and clear the logs was by using Dell Server Administrator interface and manually clearing the log. This got me thinking on how can we automate this to occur manually on a... read more

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