Scanning and Printing to Epson Artisan 725 on Fedora 17

It is a wonderful thing to get a new toy to play with, but frustrating when you plug it in and then the trouble begins. It works with most systems but sometimes there is one that just wants to cause a bit of pain. Well that happened recently when I tried to install my Epson Artisan To enjoy scanning over the on Fedora 17. This issue was getting the scanning features to work with GIMP. Previously I was... read more

Install and Setup Samba on CentOS / RHEL

It is a fact of life,, there are Windows clients that need to access shared data and as admins we like to have control and secure way to deliver the data from Linux to Windows and this is where Samba comes into play. A basic Samba share on a Linux server is not very hard to implement and in this post we will be using CentOS to deliver the goods. Install Samba package $ sudo yum install samba samba-client... read more

Using Dell racadm on RedHat / CentOS

Recently have had the pleasure of using part of the the Dell Server Administrator tools to manage their hardware on RHEL 5 and 6 servers. The servers had been built and shipped out but the DRAC’s were un-configured. With RACADM command this is not an issue and can be done with command line tools and the use of configuration files. This is assuming the Server Admin tools have been installed on the... read more

Using Dell SUU on RHEL 64 Bit

Part of many systems admins jobs is to update firmware and drivers on the servers. This is needed to keep systems stable and avoid nasty crashes and OS incompatibilities. The best time is when you build the system and also when you can get the time when you can take the system offline to give it much needed patches. Dell provides a downloadable DVD ISO for their Server Update Utility (SUU), which runs on... read more

Introspect error The name org.freedesktop.Hal was not provided Running RHN_REGISTER

You would think something as simple as running rhn_register would just run and register for updates without any issues. There are times when this is not the case and today was one of them. The issue occurred when running rhn_register on RedHat EL 5.4 (Tikanga) servers when after selecting next on teh review screen I received the error. “Introspect error: The name org.freedesktop.Hal was not provided... read more

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