Installing and Configuring ClamWin and Clam Sentinel on Windows Server 2008 and 2012

Recently put in some replacement servers and ran into the issue of Antivirus protection for the server. Usually this is a paid service for servers. In this case that was not an option and thus the search for a free or low cost solution. ClamWin is a free AntiVirus tool that will run on Windows Server. In this post we will discuss installing and configuring exclusions and scans on Windows Server 2008 R2... read more

How to Handle Windows XP Lockups after EOS

Recently I have had several systems come to me that are running Windows XP and have started to lockup shortly after the April 8, 2014 end of service. The customer was complaining about the popups they received at login about end of life. Upon digging into the systems found that Microsoft Security Essentials was causing the system to lockup, even though according to Microsoft the product is supported on... read more

ClamAV on CentOS 5.5

I know this is Linux and viruses are not supposed to be an issue, but face it we have other operating systems connecting and they are known for bringing these little monsters in, so it is our duty to seek and destroy those on the server. In steps ClamAV, a fast, free and efficient anti-virus solution. Dag Wieers maintains many packages for downloads and he just happens to have what we are looking for with... read more