Creating SSH Keys for User Accounts on RecoverPoint

Introduction Automation can be a thing of beauty to an admin, as well as a curse. In the case of SSH Keys it is a must for running reports and commands without having to type a password. Such is the case with EMC RecoverPoint Process First step is to generate the private and public keys for the ID you will be using. Once you have the keys generated you will want the file. Next, login to... read more

How To Manage WebSites using PowerShell on IIS 8

Introduction As PowerShell continues to evolve and more features are added with each OS release there is more places to use PowerShell to automate and make many tasks easy. In this post we will explore managing websites using PowerShell, so let’s get started. the examples used in this post are from Cognos modifications to the default IIS 8 install. The Code All of the commands we will be using are... read more

Installing Capistrano on Fedora 16

Recently there has been a need to deploy a package with customization to several hundred systems and we looked to use Capistrano to make the deployments. According to the site Capistrano is a developer tool for deploying web applications. It is typically installed on a workstation, and used to deploy code from your source code management (SCM) to one, or more servers. It can also be used for delivering... read more