Installing Capistrano on Fedora 16

Recently there has been a need to deploy a package with customization to several hundred systems and we looked to use Capistrano to make the deployments.

According to the site Capistrano is a developer tool for deploying web applications. It is typically installed on a workstation, and used to deploy code from your source code management (SCM) to one, or more servers. It can also be used for delivering solutions.

This post just explains how to install Capistrano on Fedora 14 – 16 on your system.

Open a terminal and we’ll need to install ruby, rubygems and rubygem-rails.

$ sudo yum install ruby rubygems rubygem-rails

Next we need to install the capistrano gem module.

$ sudo gem install capistrano

And that’s all we need to do. Refer to Capistrano site on recipes on using Capistrano.

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