How To Create a Bootable OS X Yosemite USB Installation Disk

Ever wondered how to create a bootable USB for installing OSX 10.10.5 (Yosemite)? Well I did and here is how it is done and it is not all that hard. First part is to go to the App STore and download OS X Yosemite. This will take awhile to complete as it is a 5.27 GB download. While that is downloading you can get your 8 GB or higher USB key inserted and ready. Once the download has completed the... read more

How To Create a Bootable Disk to Update BIOS and Firmware Using Dell Repository Manager

Recently came upon an issue during upgrading ESXi that required updated firmware and bios on Dell hardware. This posed a problem as ESXi was set to boot fron USB and there was no operating system installed locally. This only left a few options to how to update the systems. Use Dell Systems Management Tools and Documentation disk and SUU (Systems Update Utility) and select the update firmware option. Use... read more