Resolving Distributed Transaction Issues with BizTalk, MS DTC and Clustered MSSQL Servers

Introduction After a recent storage migration of a Windows 2008 R2 cluster that involved removing the clustered DTC (Distributed Transaction Coordinator) starting seeing SQL transaction errors from the BizTalk server that was connecting to the SQL database instance running on the clustered servers. These are the steps followed to resolve the issue. Microsoft Distributed Transaction Coordinator (MSDTC) is... read more

How To Remove Storage Resources from a Windows 2008 R2 Cluster

So you have a cluster and storage that you no longer have use for and need to safely remove it from your cluster. It is a simple and easy process to follow just a few things to make sure before you remove. Nothing is using the storage Any and all dependencies for the storage are removed. Administrator access Login to any node of the cluster and open up Failover Cluster Manager (Start > Administrative... read more

Windows 2008 R2 Cluster Report with PowerShell

You know how it is, manager love reports and really we geeks like some reports as well. Recently I was tasked to generate a health check report for some of the Windows 2008 R2 Active / Passive clusters using PowerShell. With Windows 2008 R2 cluster Microsoft has provided FailoverClusters modules as well as the deprecated cluster command. There is no per say report to check for a status on clusters. Using... read more