How To Disable Firefox Captive Portal Detection

Introduction After a recent upgrade started seeing an Open Network Login Page popup on Firefox. Clicking the “X” by it just cleared the box and did not stop me from going about my merry way. The box did keep popping up so with a bit of digging found this was being caused by Firefox Captive Portal detection.  Since I knew I was on a secure wireless it made sense to disable the popups. Process... read more

How to Fix Flash Player Crashing on Firefox 20

After a recent upgrade of Firefox to 20.01 Adobe Flash player starting crashing on sites. After Googling around I found that most were saying to upgrade or downgrade Flash. Tried them all with no change until I ran across a suggestion to install the debug version of Flash which did the trick. Download the Windows Flash Player 11.7 Plugin content debugger (for Netscape-compatible browsers) (EXE, 17.21MB)... read more

Changing Print Size in Firefox 11+ with NoSquint

Recently came across and issue with emails and other web pages printing the fonts in an unreadable size. This was not an issue with Internet Explorer or Chrome. Found that this is a fairly common issue that users were experiencing. This is where Firefox AddOns fill the gap. Enter NoSquint. NoSquint allows you to adjust the viewing and printing size of the pages and fonts and alleviates the issue.... read more