How To Make Fonts look Sharper on KDE 5 on Fedora 23

Introduction You have taken the plunge and are running a Linux distro (maybe Fedora 23?) and have chosen KDE as your desktop on your laptop. But you wonder why do my fonts look so jagged? Well look no further, with a few clicks you can make the LCD screen on your laptop look much sharper. Font Settings With just a few tweaks you can make the fonts look sharper on the system. The following instructions are... read more

Converting Adobe Type 1 Fonts AFM for use on Windows 7

Recently ran into an interesting issue where a client had a purchased Adobe Type 1 font the had been using on their Mac OSX systems and need to use the font on their newer Windows systems. Being that the fonts were Adobe Type 1 fonts and only had the .AFM files this was an issue with using the font on a Windows system, so it had to be converted. This was achieved by using Fondu and AfmToPfm. Fondu was run... read more