How to add Editing and Viewing of RAW images in GIMP 2.8

Few of us have started to get into photography and have started to look at RAW images. You have to have a program to let you work with them as well. Most will use Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Lightroom and others, but being a Linux guy there is always GIMP. In this post we will discuss how to add RAW capability to GIMP and open the RAW image. DSLR cameras bring us RAW images which are big and uncompressed... read more

Scanning and Printing to Epson Artisan 725 on Fedora 17

It is a wonderful thing to get a new toy to play with, but frustrating when you plug it in and then the trouble begins. It works with most systems but sometimes there is one that just wants to cause a bit of pain. Well that happened recently when I tried to install my Epson Artisan To enjoy scanning over the on Fedora 17. This issue was getting the scanning features to work with GIMP. Previously I was... read more

GIMP 2.8 Released

After a long wait GIMP 2.8 has been released. GIMP has always been my favorite graphics editor and it is free! I have always liked the fact that it is a cross platform app that I can use no matter what OS I have chosen to complete my task at hand. GIMP is the alternative to Photoshop which is great but very expensive product. Long-anticipated features such as layer groups, on-canvas text editing, advanced... read more

Install GIMP un-stable 2.7.3 to Fedora 15 x64

As a user of great open-source products for graphics and other multimedia work. One of the great tools out there is GIMP which competes with Adobe Photoshop and doesn’t cost an arm and leg. The latest un-stable version 2.7.3 can be installed on Fedora thanks to nphilipp who maintains a repo in fedorapeople. This post will describe how to get and install so you can start using the latest GIMP. Open a... read more

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