How To Export VMX to OVA in VMware Fusion 11

How To Export VMX to OVA in VMware Fusion 11 Introduction While migrating to a new iMac ran into an issue involving a VM being corrupted after migrating to the new iMac, luckily the old iMac was still available to access the VM. When digging into the VMware Fusion interface did not see a GUI entry for exporting a VMX to OVA, only import feature. With a bit of digging found that the ovftool is installed... read more

How To Create Bootable Installer for macOS Catalina

Introduction So the time has come and you want to re-image your MAC, but you need the boot media to install a clean copy. In this post we will cover how to create a bootable USB installation of macOS Catalina (10.15). The process is not very complex which we will cover. Getting Installation Code First step is to get the macOS Catalina app and install it to you system. open the macOS Catalina page on the... read more