How To Manually Uninstall Oracle Client on Linux

You know how it goes, you try running the uninstall process and no matter how hard you try it just doesn’t go as planned. So, it is time to get the hammer. Well it just happened to be one of those moments with trying to remove a botched Oracle 11g client install on RHEL 6. Needed it removed so a clean install could be performed, but needed to know where all the hiding places were. First stop any... read more

Installing Oracle 11g Client on Windows

In this post we will cover how to download and install the Oracle 11g client on Windows for 32 and 64 bit installations. First you will need to download the 32 or 64 bit version from for which you will need to have a Oracle account to get the files. This is a free account and is an easy sign up. Once you have downloaded the... read more