Creating SSH Keys for User Accounts on RecoverPoint

Introduction Automation can be a thing of beauty to an admin, as well as a curse. In the case of SSH Keys it is a must for running reports and commands without having to type a password. Such is the case with EMC RecoverPoint Process First step is to generate the private and public keys for the ID you will be using. Once you have the keys generated you will want the file. Next, login to... read more

How To Remove a Device Tag on a Recoverpoint TDEV

Learned a new tidbit today on removing device tags on EMC VMAX and RecoverPoint. Before you can reclaim a TDEV you must first remove the Device Tag. Overview In this post we will cover how to remove the device tag, disable write access, un-map, un-bind the device and dissolve the meta on EMC VMAX that is using Recoverpoint   Remove the Device Tag First get the tag information: $ symdev -sid... read more