How To Remove a Device Tag on a Recoverpoint TDEV

Learned a new tidbit today on removing device tags on EMC VMAX and RecoverPoint. Before you can reclaim a TDEV you must first remove the Device Tag.


In this post we will cover how to remove the device tag, disable write access, un-map, un-bind the device and dissolve the meta on EMC VMAX that is using Recoverpoint


Remove the Device Tag

First get the tag information:

$ symdev -sid <Symmetrix ID> show <device list or device

Look for Device Tag(s) in the output

Device Status : Ready (RW)
Device SA Status : Ready (RW)
Device User Pinned : False
Host Access Mode : Active
Device Tag(s) : RecoverPoint

Syntax to un-tag devices

$ symconfigure –sid <Symmetrix ID> -cmd “set dev <device list or device
range> attribute=NO RCVRPNT_TAG;” commit


Rerun and now we see it states none

$ symdev -sid <Symmetrix ID> show <device list or device
range> | grep -i "Device Tag"
Device Tag(s) : None

Write_Disable Device

Now that we have removed the Device tag we can write_disable

$ symdev -sid <Symmetrix ID> write_disable <device list or device

Un-map the Device

Once we have completed the write disable it is time to unmap the TDEV.

$ symconfigure -sid <Symmetrix ID> -cmd "unmap dev <device list or device
range> from dir ALL:ALL;" -v commit

Un-bind the Device

Once the umap process is complete it is time to unbind the TDEV from the thin pool. First get it from the output of the symdev command and look for the Bound Thin Pool Name.

$ symdev -sid <Symmetrix ID> show <device list or device
range> | grep -i "Bound Thin Pool Name"
Bound Thin Pool Name : SATA_1tb_R6

Now that we have the needed information we can unbind the TDEV.

$ symconfigure -sid <Symmetrix ID> -cmd "unbind tdev <device list or device
range> from pool SATA_1tb_R6;" -v commit

Dissolve the Meta’s

Now that the un-binding has occured we can dissolve the meta’s

$ symconfigure -sid <Symmetrix ID> -cmd "dissolve meta dev <device list or device
range> ;" commit

That is all there is, the TDEV has been untagged and removed.


3 Responses to “How To Remove a Device Tag on a Recoverpoint TDEV”

  1. pavan says:

    Hi , i have around 60 devices in a storage group which are rp tagged. Is there a command to remove all the device tags of a storage group at a time. removing single device at a time take lot of time.

    • newlife007 says:

      You can use the -f (command file” feature. Create a text file with your commands o change the RP tags. EX: create removerptag.txt file populate with commands and TDEV’s to change.

      set dev 0E1B attribute=NO RCVRPNT_TAG;
      set dev 0E1C attribute=NO RCVRPNT_TAG;
      set dev 0E1D attribute=NO RCVRPNT_TAG;

      Save the file and execute it.

      first check it.
      symconfigure -sid 1234 -f removerptag.txt preview

      Commit changes
      symconfigure -sid 1234 -f removerptag.txt commit

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