How to Scan multiple Documents into a Single PDF with Scan2PDF

As administrators we always needs to have many ways to handle many situations. One of them involves scanning documents or some special requests for one offs, like to say a PDF file or let’s say multiple docs to a single PDF. Well there is such a tool that exists that’s easy to use and free. It is called Scan2PDF and it runs on Win 98/2000/XP/Vista/7. It can be downloaded from... read more

How To Print Directly To PDF in Fedora 17

Admit it, you know you like PDF format, it is portable and the reader is available everywhere it is convenient to have your go to docs in the format. I do it all the time for those commands and programs that I cannot remember the details. No matter what OS I am using I always like the ability to print directly to PDF for sending and storing information. With Windows systems I am a fan of PDFCreator but... read more