Fixing BOOTMGR not Found error Windows 7


Recently booted system up and received a Bootmgr not found error. Tried the noprmal boot from Windows 7 install CD and ran repairs to no avail. After a bit of digging this is how the issue was resolved. It maybe that part of the solution works for your issue or all like in my case.

The Process

Boot system using Windows 7 installation disk. After the intial screen starts for the installation select Repair My Computer.

From the selections click Command Prompt

Type the following

You will now be at a diskpart prompt.

Now list the disks it sees

You will get a list of disk, get the number for the boot disk here.

Next List the partitions it sees.

Now we have the primary partition listed, we need to select it.

Now that we have selected it let’s make it the active partition.

Thats it for this part, so now exit then reboot.

Reboot using the disk again and select Repair My Computer and the system will see the partition, click next and it will try to repair. If it repairs reboot and see if the issue is resolved. For my instance it was not so at this point reboot again and select Repair My Computer and select Command Prompt and now we have a few more commands. Run these one after another, all commands should come back successful.

Reboot the system and all should be back in running order.

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