Gathering Open Systems System information with cfg2html

As systems administrators we are always wanting a way to gather information on your Open Systems, you can do this with various different systems commands and add them in scripts and set as cron jobs, or whatever method you prefer.

Now if there is a program that can do that for us and output in txt or html or both, then thats better. Well, such a program does exist call cfg2html (

According to the site:
Cfg2html is a UNIX shell script that creates a HTML (and ASCII) system documentation for HP-UX 10+11++, AIX, SCO-UX, SunOS and Linux systems. Plugins for SAP, Oracle, Informix, MC/SG, FibreChannel, TIP/ix, Mass Storage like XP48/128/256/512/1024/1×000, EVA3000-EVA8000, Network Node Manager and OmniBack/DataProtector etc. are included.

So were do I get it and how does it work?

Current version:

Download and unzip the zipped installation files and install it.

Now that cfg2html is installed run it with root privileges to generate the files. We need to pass -o for the output directory, otherwise it will create the files in the directory you execute the command.

Output files are stored in /etc/cfg2html in text and html format.

Add to /etc/cron.monthly
Now let’s create a script and place it in /etc/cron.monthly and have it email it to us. Let’s call it

That’s all there is to it!

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